Sunday, January 29, 2006

Record number

I know this is going to be a record number of posts for me in one day. I just have so much to tell you. Last night was a lot of fun . Thaddeus made curry and we had two couples from the law school over. After dinner we played some good ole board games and cards. We played this actually fun game called settlers of catan( Matt you would love it, it is like risk). And then we ended the night with dumy rummy. It was really nice to actually hang out with some girls that are close to my age and not completly stupid and immature. They actually talked about more than just drinking and smoking(unlike all the girls I am in charge of at Menards). Anywho it was really fun and hopefully we can hang out with these couples more in the future. Tonite we are going over to another couple from the law school's place for dinner. They are realy nice to and it should be fun.

melting, melting

This would be the lovely sign of snow melting. It was 48 degrees here on friday when I took this picture. It was great.

Fry sauce anyone?

So on Friday after getting off work and looking forward to my weekend off, I was craving none other than good ole Mickey D fries. Well I caved in considering who knows how long its been since I had been to any fast food restaurant. As I drove throught the drive thru and the lady handed me the bag I heard the infamous words, can i get you anything else. Almost without even thinking it came out-"Can I get some fry sauce?"-right before the words left my mouth I caught myself and said no thank you and drove off. Man I love fry sauce with Mickey D fries. Why cant the rest of the country progress to where Utah is with their fry sauce?

Finally-glamour shots-lol

This is my amazing pictures of myself over the last couple days, I finally did find the camera and was finally able to respond to the challenge set forth by Melissa. So here we go, above would be how i felt when i got home on Thursday after working a 15 1/2 hour day(and wednesday working a 10 hour day). It was great.
This would be my next glamour shot of when I had to get up at 5:30 to be to work at 6:30 the day after my 15 1/2 hour day. It was even greater(I know not grammatically correct) than the previous day.
This is how I felt after being done with work on friday and my excitement over the thought of being able to take a nap. (by this point I was kind of dillusional).
This would be my glamour shot after taking a nap and a great shower(sorry not the best lighting going on-gloomy outside)

Some lovely shots of me above-gosh I am hot-lol!
My beautiful blue blurry eye-just lovely-haha I did it so now you have to leave me alone!!

Monday, January 23, 2006


Well here I am again at the library. I just got off work(yeah an early day for once) and I have off tomorrow. Sorry to those who were looking forward to pictures of me I can not find the camera(not good). Hopefully it will turn up when I am cleaning the apartment tomorrow(oh goody). Work is going well. It is kind of a slow time of year in terms of customers still a lot to do but not as many customers. It is pretty cold today, but sunny. I really think I can handle just about any temperature as long as I can see the sun. Well tomorrow I can hopefully post some pictures.Cross your fingers I find my camera. Hope everyone is doing well, give me a call. Love ya,

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Well hello, just to clarify we flew into and out of Atlanta when we went to Tennessee. Anywho I hope everyone is doing well. I am currently huuuuuuungry. I worked 6:30-1 and then came to the library so it is currently 2:30 -I am about to go get me sometop ramen-yumyum and only 10 cents( can you tell I am low on the cash flow) lol . Anywho not much new here going on. Thaddeus went back to school yesterday and boy is he enjoying the homework let me tell you. He still hasnt gotten all his grades back yet, so cross your fingers that they are superb! Hope everyone is doing well I will hopefully update tomorrow in response to Melissa and Claires personal photo chellenge. (I know just what everyone wants to see are millions of pictures of my face) but hey bare with me. Well I love you all and will write again soon.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

HOT-lanta, Georgia

sorry it is blurry I am not the best picture taker...

Before we went to the airport we stopped off at what was called the underground, it's like a shopping center, and then across from it was the Coca Cola building.


While we were there we of course had to visit the University of Tenessee.

Here are some pics of some of the places we ate at. hehe, Thaddeus loved this Mrs. Winners when he loved out there. So of course we had to go, he got a steak biscuit and a porkchop biscuit. Very yummy, but defintely not good for ya. This next restaurant Thaddeus claimed was the best buffet ever. And let me tell you it was good. The funniest thing is you could get a sweet potato or a baked ptotato. The sweet potato looked exactly like a baked potato but was orange and had brown sugar and butter, it was okay but the buffet was pretty great.


Well I just thought I would write a little note to say hello. Thank you so much for all your prayers. I got promoted this last week so that was exciting. i got a little pay raise and a big raise in bonuses. Work is going well, busy and sometimes stressful, but overall its a job and a paycheck and pays the rent and food right? Although my job is fairly enjoyable I will repeat yet again I will never work retail for the rest of my life. I think I would build up a desire to hurt people. Customers are CRAZY! I mean I know I do not have the best grammatical English but a customer corrected my English the other day, I was so shocked I just was shocked. I wanted to say to the guy mind your own business and shop somewhere else but instead I just brushed it aside with some nice comment-man am I too nice.
So Thaddeus and I have throughly enjoyed the winter in Minnesota so far . Last week and this week are usually the coldest two weeks of the winter here. They are usually all below zero, we have been around 35-40 all week, and it is also expected for this upcoming week. YEAHHHH!
Thaddeus starts school on Tuesday and already has homework that needs to be done then. He is so excited to get started-hehe! Well here is a cute picture of Devin being silly!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Some of you may know that this last week we got to go visit Thaddeus's son Devin in Tennessee. He is an adorable little boy(with the cutest little accent). Please continue to pray for all the issues surrounding Devin. We are praying for God's will and trust that it will be in Devin's best interest. This is a pic of Thaddeus and Devin hanging out, he sure loves his daddy. (Can you tell they are related?-lol)


While my parents were here we stumbled upon something really cool in downtown Minneapolis in the Marshal Field building. We went there one day for lunch and fell upon the 8th floor. Every year at Christmas they transfer the 8th floor of the Marshall Fields building into a story this year was Cinderella. It was realy cool, kids would love it.

it's been awhile

I am going to try to recap the last couple of weeks for you. I have been taking pictures but have just not had time to post anything. We will begin with a few days before Christmas. I was minding my own business driving to school (at 6 in the morning might I add) when what do you know a flat tire. Let's just say there is a long story attached with it but to sum it up -yuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can I just say discount tire is awesome! It is good to have free tire replacements!

Monday, January 02, 2006

Well hello! It has been quite busy here. My sister left yesterday and my parents today. The weather was unseasonably warm while they were here, so that was really nice. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I have tons of pictures to share so hopefully I can do that tomorrow . Love ya,