Sunday, December 25, 2005


Yes, yes I know for all you faithful bloggers it has been awhile for me. Sorry, it has been so busy here. First I fell down the stairs a(and I swear broke my little toes), then I got a flat tire on the way to work (way fun at 6 in the morning) and now my family is here. Life is good , but definitely keeping us busy. It is good to see family. My dear friend Melissa got me the coolest thing for Christmas, my very own stamp, it is awesome. Thank you thank you, now when I write cards to people they will have our stamp on them . It will aid in my creativity with cards. hehe. Well I best be going, everythign here is going well and Thaddeus is excited to be done with his first semester. Hope everyone has a great Christmas. God Bless,

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Thaddeus's Rating

Ash made me do it!!!!

This Is My Life, Rated
Life: 7.8
Mind: 8.3
Body: 7.6
Spirit: 8.4
Friends/Family: 7.1
Love: 9.1
Finance: 7.7
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Ashley's rating

Ok girls, here i did it!
I guess my body is low because I said I rarely exercise and love junkfood(does work count as exercise?)

This Is My Life, Rated
Life: 8.5
Mind: 7.5
Body: 6.6
Spirit: 8.4
Friends/Family: 7.9
Love: 9.1
Finance: 8.3
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my nephews

They are the cutest nephews ever!

Here are some pictures of the places, outside and then in .
looking out front door

looking out back window

front door

around side looking to the back

the inside

When you walk
in the front door you can go up or down this is up.

this is the extra room

the living room

the kitchen

our bedroom

1 Down 3 To Go

Well, the first final is behind me and I figured I should take a slight reprieve from studying and post my first blog message. I am really burned out on studying and can't wait until this semester is completely finished. It is nice not to have any classes and not to have to try to fill my brain with new material but the studying for the finals is still pretty intense. I am posting a picture with this message which is of my friend Garret studying at a table in one of the UMN law school study areas. Both of us were finishing up some of our last assignments for Contracts and Torts and as you can see, all of our stuff is spread out all over the place. Anyway, I think that I did fairly well on the CivPro exam that I took yesterday. Nothing caught me by suprise so I am sure that I passed the class but I am not sure what kind of grade I will get. I would be happy with a "B". I will try to keep everyone updated on the tortures of law school. Until then, adios amigos.
P.S. I included a picture of Ashley at the lawschool.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005



Friday, December 02, 2005

Christmas Letter(Part 1)

I have set a goal for myself to get a Christmas letter written this weekend to send out to ya all. Okay now the problem is ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what to write, it has been a long busy year. I bought Christmas stationary yesterday and it is so cute and it got me into the mood to write, I just don't know what to actually put down on that paper. Everyone is so creative with their Christams letters, I am not a creative person-ahhhhhhhh. Oh well stay tuned for part two-(the acutal letter) when you get it in the mail.(hopefully before Christmas)


1.The one coffeee I am currently drinking
2.(2.15) THe current price of gas, that just jumped from 1.97 yesterday to this today.
3.What time it is currently
4.How many times it has snowed in the last week.
5.How many hours of sleep I got last night.
6.My grandma's birthday
7.How many squirrels I can see dodging the snow outside.
8.ocho in Spanish
9.How many cents I have in my pcoket
10.Seems to be the correct number of loads of laundry I need to do
11. (7-11) my favorite place to get slurpies-I have not seen any 7-11's out here yet, when summer and humidity come-I will find them!
12. How many hours I worked yesterday!
13. How many now and laters I have had so far.
14. How many minutes I live from Mall of America.
15.How many dollars I put into my gas tank today.
16.blah. blah,blah
17.blah,blah, blah
18. The high temperature for today.

Christmas tree

Thaddeus and I put up the tree the other night and put all the ornaments on it. Here is the process it was great fun!Thaddeus didnt want me to get such a tall tree, he thought it would take up our whole apartment. I talked him into this one and I think it looks mighty fine.

This baby was prelit from you guessed it Menards!

Sorry -I dont know how to flip the pictures !