Tuesday, November 29, 2005

So I thought you guys might like to see where I work here it is.... Good ole Menards-or for those of you who get the television ads, "Save big money at Menards"!

First kiss

Ever wonder what happened to the boy you first kissed. Well thanks to my good friend she informed me. Today I got the funniest thing in the mail. A wedding anouncement for the boy I first kissed. Weird-huh? It just so happens that me and me friend both dated this guy and now looking back we just laugh-how silly we really were!
Thanks for the card mel -your the best.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

I changed the setting sorry about that!

Fist fight in the Hardware Department

Okay so one last quick thing before I go. I just wanted to tell you about the craziness of working in a retail store the day after Thanksigving. It is MADNESS! (also this is a definitely attractive pitcure of me). This is to symbolize the day I had. So all of us Managers at Menard's where headsets so we can communicate different things to each other amd do price checks and so forth so the day after thanksgiving all of a sudden over the radio I hear "We have a fist fight in the hardware department", I just had to giggle -randomness, I mean what was it over a drill that was 20 bucks off, cheap popcorn tins? Is it really worth the fighting, no! It sure was funny to hear it over the radio though-anywho(the picture is my reenactment).lol

Thought I would share this picture with you. Last month Thaddeus and I went to the Packer's vs. Vikings game at the Metrodome. It was a great game but the Packers lost at the last second when the Vikings kicked a way way long field goal to win-Yuck, it was not fun to leave there with Packer stuff on!

Thanksgiving Meal
Yes that is right we made a real thanksgiving meal, just the two of us. It was very yummy and we have tons of turkey left over. It was very relaxing to be able to have a day to sleep in and do nothing but eat, hehe it was great. Can you believe I figured out how to post pictures-I did it! Well things here are going well but frickin COLD! On Thanksgiving Day it was beautiful. I woke up and looked outside to a beautiful, sunny day. The moment i stepped outside my mind changed-I thought my face was going to freeze adn then chip off. It was 11 degrees. Craziness! Well I am off to go take a lovely bubble bath(my favorite). I hoep you all enjoyed the pictures and there are more to come.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

I know I know what you are saying-FINALLY, you had given up on me and then here I am. Well hello everyone. I am writing you from colllllllllllldddddddd Minnesoooota. Dont forget the ooooo. Hehe. Sorry I haven't wriiten sooner, this last week I worked 55 hours and the week before 71(and I went to a plumbing conference in Eau Claire). Needless to say it has been crazy. I qwill definitely get better at this whole blog thing when I actually have internet at the house. Right now I am currently parked illegal up at the st. Paul campus and am sittign in my car with my laptop getting wireless. lol. Well everythign here is going well and I can now officailyl say I AM A MANAGER. Yes that's right no more tests- I am DONE. yeS!!!!!!!!!!

Well there is so many things about MInnesota I want to show with you , from the plumbing conference two weeks ago to all the cool sites to some cool stuff dowtown. And don't you worry I am going to take my camera along fro the ride. Well I lvoe you all and Thaddeus says hi-everyone at the law school is beginning to stress aobut finals-less than 4 weeks to go, he is still not too stressed, failry relaxed so that great. Love you all. Pictures are soon to come.......