Saturday, July 29, 2006


So since we have lived in the twin cities I have to say the weather really hasnt been all that bad. We have had a very nice summer with occasional hot days but never lasting more than a couple days and mostly just sticking around 75 degrees(NICE). Well I hate to break it to Matt and Mel , who should arrive on Monday, but this weekend into Monday are supposed to be the hottest of the year. IT is HOT!!!!!! And unfortunately Monday is supposed to be the hottest. Yies, it is kindof funny because we moved here the same time last year and I swear the day we moved in was the hottest it has been since we hae lived here. So cheers to the wonderful hot weekend we have ahead. And a great welcome to your new home present for Matt and Mel.

Sunday, July 16, 2006


YIPPEEEE we got a new couch. After finally giving up on being able to buy a couch we wanted in the price range we wanted we stumbled upon this! It is microfiber and very comfy. I let Thaddeus put his Packer stuff on it until I get a chance to shop for some real cute pillows.
Matt and Mel were also here this last weekend to visit. We are so excited to have them here near us!


Some of you may know that my grandma had a heart attack approximately three weeks ago. It was very scary at the time but I am happy to report she is now doing well and gaining more strength each day. Thaddeus and I went down to see them two weekends ago. Thaddeus of course had to get some golf in with my dad!