Friday, March 27, 2009


Alright guys here are the pics of the house. I tried to do my best on getting multiple views so you can experience it all. Unfortunately for you I have left out the pics of the basement. That is what I call our work in progress. Maybe when we finish it up I will show before and after pics. Basically downstairs there is a huge family room (with a 1960s carpeted bar currently), a gas fireplace, two rooms/a bathroom and a huge closet. The upstairs and yard definitely need some tender loving care. We are alos planning some major curb appeal for the front. But here you go for now!!!!

A view from the road. Another view more of the carport.
A view from the front porch

A frontal look from the front porch

A look to the right from the front porch. A huge beautiful Blue Spruce.

Right side of house, coming from the backyard to the front. If I were to turn around from last picture and look into back yard(upper level)

The beginning of the stream coming into our yard at the far right.

The stream leaving our yard at the back far left.

A view from the back of the house from down below by the stream.

Looking down to the lower part of the yeard. Path to stairs that lead down. A step back from above picture, cobblestone from the downstairs porch area leading into backyard.
Downstairs porch looking left,

Looking down from porch into yard to the left. Two car carport from porch.
View from the front door into the house

View to the backyard from porch

The view of the backyard from the patio. (that comes off of the kitchen) The patio through the sliding door.

Closeup of backsplash/countertop
Bathroom slate.

Bathroom vanity

This is the master bedroom from the middle of the room the door you see is the door to the hallway. This is directly to the left of me from where I stood in the above pic. We are thinking about making this area plus the next pic area into a master bath/walk in closet.
The area where I was just standing taking the last two pics from the doorway

The master bedroom from the doorway looking left.

The hallway leading to the master.

House cont.

This is the spare bedroom upstairs. Their is a closet to the right. This is the kitchen from the dining room/sliding door. The door you see to a room in the distance is the door to the room above. Otherwise you go down that hall to the bathroom and master bedroom.
Sorry for our mess on the countertops. They are black speckled granite.

This is the living room from the entrance to that hallway in the last picture. To the right is the front door and to the left is the kitchen.

Random pics

This was on Wednesday night driving home from my cousins. Ridiculous snow. My cousins little girl Paige who was in town visiting.

My cousins daughter Leentje with their new puppy Cacha
My cousins daughter Leentje dressed up as a peasant for her Medieval night at school.


Hey guys just a quick update since everyone is bugging me about pictures. We closed on Wednesday and then apparently you have to wait for all the funding to go through before you get the keys. That is supposed to happen today but their is currently a slight hiccup. Hopefully we can fix that and be in there this afternoon otherise unfortunately it won't be until Monday. Which does not make Thaddeus or I happy. So cross your fingers for today!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Today is CLOSING DAY!!!!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

House cont.

I know everyone is probably sick of hearing about the house but I just wanted to update everyone and let you know that we got approved yesterday for the mortage. Our closing date is going to be next Wednesday. So we are very excited. I did find a picture of the house online and then of course I will get some inside pics once we actually get the keys.
LOL, just kidding not my house, but nice right?

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

So I went online yesterday to get some pictures of the house to show everyone. Well apparently when someone makes an offer on a house and it is accepted they pull it off the website. I cannot find the original pictures anywhere. So unfortunately at this point I will have to wait until we close and move in until I can share pics of the house. Sorry!!!

Sunday, March 01, 2009


I know many of you are thinking house? what house? Well random enough a woman from our church who is a realtor called me on Monday and said a house just went on the market she thought Thaddeus and I would like. She asked if I wanted to go look at it with her. Now let me note that Thaddeus and I have not been looking at houses at all. So I asked Thaddeus if he wanted to tag along and we all went to check it out Monday afternoon. We really loved it and saw a lot of potential in the unfinished basement. We are also very excited about the backyard. It is very private and even has a creek running through it. So long story short my parents and sister looked at it and on Wednesday we decided to go for it and make a low offer. Well crazy enough the realtor called us on Thursday night and they had accepted our offer. Not even counter offer but accepted it. It has definitely been a God thing. Please pray that everything goes through with the inspection and loan and if so we will be in by the end of March. I will have more pictures to come!!!