Wednesday, June 28, 2006


My grandparents came up from where they were visiting in Iowa for the weekend and my cousins came over from their new home in Wisconsin for a day. It was so much fun to see and spend time with them both. My little cousins are so adorable and getting so big.

Back to MN we go.

I though tthis was hilarious it was next to our table on the wall at this little poduck restaurant in who knows where. Our food was really yummy though.

This brings a new meaning to girls going to the bathroom together(at a Dairy Queen in Iowa)
I thought these shoes were so cute at the Nordstrom rack, I would of bought them but my feet are too stinkin big.


Snowbasin, still some snow up there to snowboard on -lol
Cant forget the beautiful waterfall and the wonderful pictures of the moutnains I miss so so much.

My cute house

Cant forget my dads Packer mailbox.
We had a little family bbq.
Thaddeus and his bro's
We watched Sam jam out at church!

Friday, June 16, 2006


My grandparents came here last night and now today we went shopping and tomorrow Mall of America here we come. My mom and I's trip the other day was fun I got a pair of jeans but not much else. Today we went to the mall near my house and can I say everyone head on over to Lerner New York . They are having a huge huge sale right now and I got some great dress pants for 7.99 that is right 7.99. THey also had jeans for 7.99 ( if you knwo my size and you see any in Utah let me know) Because I need jeans and I love that price. Anywho go check out the sales. Tomorrow I will journey back to the MALL . My grandma desperately wants to go there, so it should be fun. Pictures will follow in countdown 1 week when my dear hubby gets home. I miss you baby.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

what up

yeah yeah i know my blogs are kind of boring with no pictures but just wait til Thaddeus gets back you will beg me to stop putting pictures on. Anywho my mom and I are doing well . I unfortunately have been really busy at work . Since our store is now closing in less than a month it is crazy. Right now everything in our store is 20 % off and it will increase as we get closer to closing july 9th. I just found out that on july 10th I will actually report in burnsville(south of the cities) for a store set.(mel, they said i can most likely take a few days off when you come but dont worry about coming straight here -have fun on the way at matts parents.) Anywho I am off to work again the weather is still beautiful here in the mid 70's. My mom and I went to the Mall yesterday it was a lot of fun . Hope everyone is doing well.

Monday, June 12, 2006


My mom and I got back to Minnesota on friday and I unfortunatley have worked nonstop ever since. I have tons of pictures to share but unfortunately Thaddeus has the camera connector in Arizona so the pics will have to wait till he gets back-bummer but there will be lots of them !!!! Yippeee!! The weather here is beautiful it is like 75 degrees and not humid at all. I hope everyone is doing well.

Thursday, June 01, 2006


Heads up everyone, we had to change the bbq day and time. due to weddings and graduations. It is now going to be on Monday at 7. Call me if you ahve any questions!