Sunday, December 21, 2008

Just for you Amy!!!

I just had to write this post just for Amy. Today Thaddeus and I got new cell phones. Thaddeus has been very busy with his new law office and shuffling between his office and the courthouse. He has been searching for over a month now and researching what phone would be the best to have with internet/web calendar capabilities. After a long search he settled on the iphone. Yes, many of you are saying that sounds cool, great. But considering this post is just for Amy it is hilarious. I can remember many a times sitting at the Butchers house and Thaddeus and Amy fighting over MACs, ipods and anything else made my Apple. I just thought Amy might get a kick out of the fact that Thaddeus is now a proud owner of an Apple product.
I also would just like to say it is pretty freaking sweet. There are all sorts of functions on it and it is just fun to play around with. I got a new phone as well. Although I would have loved the iphone at this point we are not made of money and I can't justify the monthly media charge! I got a new Samsung Propel, which will do just fine for me.

YEAH, another car!!

I am very happy to report that after just about going crazy getting rides and shuffling around, yesterday Thaddeus and I bought this truck. He is pretty stoked about it. It is a Dodge Ram 1500. It is in between a small truck and a big truck. Guys and trucks, lol.

Gingerbread cookies

My mom had her kids decorate gingerbread cookies this past week. She brought home some extra and her and I decorated them. They didn't last long though, I ate mine shortly after this picture.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Snow and Good Food

This is what it looks like currently outside. I am afraid to say the snow has finally come and looking at the forecast for the week I don't know if it is going to stop anytime soon. Last night one of the guys Josh (Thaddeus's brother) works with invited us over for a big celebration at their house. They are very Catholic and were celebrating Mary's birthday. It was a lot of fun to get to see a different culture. We ate a lot of fresh tortillas, rice, beans, pork, goat and lamb. It was delicious!!!

Jazz Game

On Thursday my parents were nice enough to give Thaddeus and I their Jazz tickets. The game was really good. WE played Portland and won. woohoo Here is the bear doing one of his crazy tricks really high up. Yikes he cannot be afraid of heights.

Geo cash

My cousins moved here a few months ago and they are big into geocashing. Basically it is a treasure hunt where you use a GPS system and clues to find a hidden prize. We are currently working on a series of geos cashes that will lead up to one final coordinate. It is set up as a clue game and it pretty fun. Here we are last weekend at two different cashes.

Christmas Party

Last weekend was the Christmas Party for Thaddeus office. It was a lot of fun. We had it over at the other attorney he works with house. She had this enormous beautiful tree. I won this hat and nose in the White Elephant game and then my sweater is a hideous design I made. I attached red bows and jingle bells to it. I didn't win the contest but I did jingle all night long!
We had a visit from Santa Clause and here is Thaddeus getting his gift. Awesome Santa!

Monday, December 08, 2008


It is pretty crazy that today is December 8th and besides one freak snowstorm the beggining of October we have gotten nothing in the area of whiteness. I am now partially happy partially not happy to report the white stuff is falling outside. Although the forecast looks slim for not really getting alot over the next two weeks leading up to Christmas, that can always change. I will post some pics later when I get home. ( I don't have my camera cord at work). I also have some pics I took from this weekend to share.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I know, I know it has been forever

I have been enjoying reading all of my friends and families blogs so much that when I sit down to update my blog I have no fun things to say or show at all. This past month has been really busy. Thaddeus's office is going well and he has been getting a lot of business. For the first month of his own office he did better than he thought he would which is nice.

My job has been going well. We have quite a few people coming in looking for jobs but unfortunately not a lot of jobs available right now. A few weeks ago a man was very upset when we told him we were not hiring him and he freaked out and punched our office manager in the face. It was pretty crazy and we had to call the cops. Please pray that as the economy gets worse we can handle people really carefully.

Thanksgiving went really well. We ended up having quite a few people. My cousin Sally and Eric and their two kids Leentje and Cole came. They brought a turkey frier and we made fried turkey. It was so moist and delicious. My other cousin Christy came with her boyfriend David. She brought some delicious pies. My two brother in law and sister in laws came and one of my sister in laws parents. And then there was Thaddeus and I , my parents and my sis. We had a full house and a lot of food. It was nice to be back around family for Thanksgiving. That was something we really missed while we were in Minnesota. (Although we loved our adopted family, The Butchers, that always invited us along).

Not much new else going on here. For many of you who may not know, Thaddeus has been driving my Honda Civic to work and I have been driving his Sunfire. The Sunfire has been having quite a bit of problems. At the beginning of the summer we realized the car was making some noises and that the air conditioner wasn't working. When we took it in it was going to cost 700 dollars to fix the AC and they said the alternator was going bad and it was going to cost 400 to fix. We decided to not do the AC (yeah the summer was oh so fun without it) and decided Thaddeus would replace the alternator when it went bad. Well since then the car was running fine up until about a month ago. I was on my way home from work and noticed that the needle that shows the engine heat was rising really fast. The car was running really hot. I took it in and sure enough something was wrong. They told us the head gaasket was leaking antifreeze into the engine. They said it would cost 1400 to fix. At that point, we decided we did not want to put any money into the car knowing all the problems it was having and decided to let it die. (Hence the reason I have been driving it so Thaddeus didnt get stuck somewhere and be late for something important-like court.)

Well last week it shut down on me and then restarted, then yesterday I went to pull out of my parking spot at work and it shut down and would not start back up. We jumped it and it started but as soon as I took it out of park it turned off again. I am sad to say but it looks like I will be calling the kidney foundation for it to be towed. Last week when it shut off we realized our time was short and began to look for a new car. Thaddeus found this truck that he really liked. We wanted a car we could just pay cash for until we pay off our student loans. Thaddeus is going to test drive it today but it looks like we will be able to get it for a really amazing price. So hopefully when he test drives it everything looks good. If so I will have pictures to post soon. He is so so excited at the idea of getting a truck, lol. Well now that I have bored you with my long story you cannot complain I have not updated.

Have a great day!!!